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Welcome to All One Peace – Nature's Wisdom School offering the world's largest sacred alchemy library of alcohol-and chemical-free flower essences. Here you will find consciousness-infused waters to support your personal soul journey, plus medical intuitive reading and healing sessions, personalized flower essence blends, and classes and workshops on vibrational healing. All One Peace is a learning community for those who wish to unify heart, mind, body, and spirit  through the inspirational loving consciousness of the devas or nature spirits.

Genai (Ellen Wachs) , intuitive healer and conscious evolution teacher with over 22 years of professional experience, is the steward for All One Peace's 750 flower, sacred site, DNA, and intergalactic essences from Swanstar, Lightwater and Texas Wildflower Essences. She is internationally known for her personal soul songs and intuitive reading/healing sessions by phone and in person. To receive our e-newsletter once or twice a month, Register here.

Our holistic philosophy, like many indigenous cultures, is that Nature is a great teacher and healer, often lost and forgotten in our technological world. As we begin self-inquiry and become self-aware, we develop the kind of trust and self-acceptance found in Nature. These vibrational essences bring us the emotional and mental support we need to make changes as we evolve. Over time we develop our inner contact, learn to love and accept ourselves as we really are, abandon the expectations of others, see our own wholeness and perfection, then generate actions from the truth of our Inner Being.

As you browse, listen to your intuition, then choose your way.  Trust your Self.

Swanstar Essences, Lightwater Essences, and Texas Wildflower Essences are spiritual vibrations in distilled water gifted to us from flowers, sacred sites, spiritual archetypes, stars, galaxies, and more. Each essence offers teachings and healing support for change.  All are alcohol- and chemical-free. Most are fragrance-free for sensitives.  Custom blends to weave and strengthen wholeness for your Soul can be tailored just for you . When you order our essences, books, or CDs by mail or  credit card online, you support this work.

Vibrational healing  Private sessions with Genai are channeled from Source to awaken your own sense of wholeness.  From broken bones to surgeries, to sorrow and loss, to anxiety and pain, we ease the way for rapid healing, mental clarity and peace of mind. Private sessions are gentle, safe, deep, fun and tailored to each individual. As we clear, balance and align the invisible subtle anatomy of your essence, mind, emotions and vitality,the source of all lasting change, your inner strength, awakens. What others say offers testimonials about healing with Genai or All One Peace Essences. 

Classes and seminars on intuitive decision-making, healing, flower essences, self-healing, psychic and spiritual development help you evolve your natural abilities or spiritual gifts. These skills can strengthen every aspect of your life, such as relationships, work, health. Interested in classes in your area?  For current classesl, browse our Coming Events calendar.

 For inspiration check out the essays and poetry on creating peace, or take a look at conscious evolution resources

To read about our latest products, check out the News Take a few minutes and look around.  Please feel free to share with a friend by print or email anything you see here.  Thanks for your visit.

Email: Genai@AllOnePeace.com

Phone: 239-298-4839 (Naples, FL)